Other Services and Products

Apart from our core market segments of: aviation advisory, airlines, airports, government and investors, CAPA Consulting also provides a number of other related aviation advisory services and products, including:

Aviation Industry Suppliers

Suppliers, such as Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), air navigation services, ground handling companies, training and IT suppliers, airport retailers, fuel companies, caterers, and others are constantly seeking business opportunities. The aviation market has never been more competitive in terms of supply, pricing and scope and suppliers and we can help you gain access to new markets and expand in established ones.

CAPA Consulting offers aviation consulting services to suppliers on various business aspects and industry trends, in order to help them to maximise opportunities and profits. We have scoped opportunities for clients associated with tourism growth, MRO, aviation fuel markets, the hotel industry, air navigation equipment suppliers and retail groups.

Expert Witness

Litigation is a fact of life in aviation, and relies heavily on the use of credible expert witnesses to analyse market-related and technical facets of a case in a manner which judges and juries can comprehend. It has been the years of acting in an aviation advisory capacity for airlines and airports alike which puts CAPA at the forefront of ever-expanding aviation industry information.

CAPA Consulting has been retained as an expert witness to support a number of aviation related court cases and litigation submissions to governments and regulatory authorities in the Asia/Pacific and USA.

Tourism Organisations

Aviation and tourism are inter-related with airlines supplying the capacity and serving markets which drive inbound visitation and outbound growth. CAPA Consulting has conducted tourism-related assignments for governments and national tourism agencies in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast and Northeast Asia, with a focus on analysis of the nexus between aviation drivers and trends and impacts on the tourism segment.