Aviation Policy & Strategy Development

The aviation sector is complex, often highly regulated by government and forms an intrinsic component of international and domestic policy. It generates substantial levels of employment and, importantly, provides key market linkages for trade, tourism and local economies.

CAPA Consulting undertakes reviews of existing policy and its effects on the economic and industry environment and makes recommendations on forward strategies for state and federal governments and global aid agencies such as World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Our assignments have included:

  • Policy review and modelling of the potential impacts of an open skies policy for Australia, for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission;
  • Development of international and domestic aviation policy for the of Kingdom of Tonga, for World Bank;
  • Review of the international aviation sector and government policy for aviation institutions, for the Government of Kiribati (also for World Bank);
  • Analysis and review of aviation policies for Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory; and
  • Review of aviation and tourism strategy for the Government of Vietnam.

Each of these projects has involved extensive research and analysis of economic and safety regulatory structures, markets and air service demand and supply, as well as consultation with public and private sector stakeholders. This process has enabled CAPA Consulting to deliver effective and workable recommendations for market and industry reform and improvement and provided an implementation map which can be achieved within required time-frames.