Government Aviation Advisory

The aggressive expansion of the aviation sector presents challenges for governments seeking to promote development and optimise economic returns. These include financing critical infrastructure, international access and liberalisation policies, promoting tourism growth, efficient provision of services, safety and security standards and regional development.

CAPA Consulting provides assistance to governments and their agencies, including funding bodies, Air Navigation Providers and Regulatory Authorities on the establishment of aviation policy, market analysis, economic modeling and advises on competition, airport/airline privatisations, mergers and acquisitions and all related industry issues.

Our consulting team has a strong understanding of governments and the issues surrounding bilateral and multilateral market liberalisation, industry deregulation and market consolidation.

We are experienced at regional, national and local government levels, through a detailed portfolio of assignments in jurisdictions across Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the EU. The services provided for governments include:

  • Aviation policy & strategy;
  • Bilateral and regional agreement development;
  • Airline and airport privatisation;
  • Tourism studies and policy development;
  • Global and regional aviation market briefings;
  • Market analysis;
  • Economic modelling; and
  • Stakeholder consultation.