Business Plan Development

Aviation organisations, whether they be existing businesses or start-ups, require credible business plans for various reasons – to provide a road-map for future development; address deficiencies within existing structures; or persuade investors to provide financial support for a new venture. These plans need to reflect the demand and supply for markets in which they operate, the effectiveness of systems in use and a core objective of achieving industry “best practice”.

CAPA Consulting is experienced in developing business plans for established or new aviation businesses, including airlines, airports, aviation safety organisations and suppliers.

Our approach involves:

  • Working with management and other stakeholders to determine the vision and key objectives for the business;
  • Examining market and competitive trends;
  • Reviewing business structures (governance, management, staffing, operational systems and finances) to identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Considering options to address deficiencies and strengthen the functional framework; and
  • Developing a practical and effective forward strategy and implementation program.

We have consultants with a hands-on experience in senior management and a solid understanding of organisational requirements and resourcing, as well as financial experts capable of analysing company balance sheets or optimising funding structures. CAPA Consulting’s skills have been utilised in business planning for Boeing in Australia, the development of a new airline in South Africa and the development of a five-year Business Plan for the Pacific Aviation Safety Organisation (PASO) which provides aviation safety oversight for Pacific island nations. We have also established business plans for proposed start-up ventures in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.