Aviation Notes

CAPA Consulting’s senior consulting team discuss a major issue or trend in global aviation.

Issue 3 – May 2010

The long term consequeces of major shifts in global air traffic.

We are living in a period of major shifts in global air traffic, which is likely to accelerate over the next 5 to 10 years.   This has significant consequences for airlines, airports and government aviation policy.

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Issue 2 – February 2010

Reports of legacy airline deaths were greatly exagerated.

The sequential crises of peak oil and the GFC were widely predicted to kill off the weaker legacy airlines, but they remain in the market.

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Issue 1 – December 2009

What separates a Premier League airline CEO from the others?

The top airline CEOs never lose sight of the underlying principles of aviation economics and embed these in their airline’s culture, strategy and implementation. 

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